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An Empathetic Family Law Attorney in The Woodlands, TX Ready to Help

Family law is the area of law pertaining to family matters and domestic relations. Whether you’re going through a divorce or adoption proceedings, Lawrence D. Tackett provides professional, empathetic guidance to those requiring a family law attorney in The Woodlands. Because family law matters can be delicate and emotionally charged with life-altering ramifications for all parties involved, they require precise, personal attention – something Lawrence D. Tackett has delivered for over four decades. Our attorney has experience helping couples through settlements fairly and effectively. Not only does he work with divorce clients, but he can also assist with adoptions and estate planning as well.


From Divorce to Adoption, We’re Experienced in Many Family Law Issues

Settling a dispute involving domestic relations is rarely an easy task. Whether you’re negotiating property divisions or a child custody or visitation arrangement that satisfies both parents, you need someone knowledgeable about family law who will also take your best interests to heart. Lawrence D. Tackett provides one-on-one consultations, giving you the full attention and legal expertise you deserve. Our family law attorney in The Woodlands can help you protect your rights in matters such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child/spousal support
  • Property division
  • Adoption
  • Pre-marital and post-marital agreements
  • Paternity actions

Request a Consultation Today to Safeguard Your Family’s Future

Matters pertaining to family law can be among the judicial system’s most complex and contentious. If you could use aggressive representation by a skilled family law attorney in Houston or The Woodlands, Lawrence D. Tackett would welcome the opportunity to help you make your voice heard. When you retain our attorney, he’ll work diligently on your behalf to resolve your case in a timely manner. Please contact us today to request your free initial consultation and begin safeguarding your family’s future.

Request Your Free Consultation Today!